Three Mobile have long since championed the idea of a fast and secure 3g network. In fact, the Three 3g coverage network was built and designed specifically for mobile broadband.

The Three 3g coverage map shows that Three Mobile Broadband is available in around 97% of the UK giving you a great chance of keeping your Three coverage connection no matter where you decide to roam.

We’ve chosen some of our favourite Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go Three mobile broadband deals available at the moment and listed them below. Remember, with all mobile broadband deals what you see is what you get – no need to worry about hidden costs and all dongles are plug and play.

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If you don’t see anything that grabs you in our selection, check out the full range of Three 3g Mobile Broadband deals here but not before you have checked out Three 3g coverage in your area.

Being the first network provider to offer 3G, Three (3) didn’t have the easiest start to rolling out in the UK. Dropping signals, poor in some areas and weak connections would make you think it would tarnish its reputation, but since the beginning and as with all new technology, the bugs have been ironed out and it’s now one of the best networks around. Thanks to lowering the cost of its mobile calls and now mobile broadband, the Three coverage in the UK becoming stronger and more prevalent, it’s the network that others have to follow.

Three Coverage

Even in its first year, Three had three million customers in the UK, and around 16 million around the world. Nowadays, that figure has increased hugely and after covering around 90% of the UK, it became a contender to be the best. That was in 2008 and now with Skype mobile phone calls, or the Three Skypephone, it gave yet another reason why to choose Three.

Three’s excellent network coverage means that customers can chat, video call, send files, pictures and access media on their mobiles via the Internet through a wireless connection. The signal strength is still low or there are a few ‘not-spots’ still, but they are in remote areas of the UK. Thanks to the Three network coverage in the UK, it gives the market a greater choice. If you’re in the depths of Cornwall or the up near the Borders of Scotland, you will still be able to get a connection. Chatting with friends, playing online games and updating Facebook, Twitter ad Stumble Upon is all made easy and you can do it on-the-run.

Looking at the Ofcom map of the Three 3g coverage you can see that the best signals and Three coverage tends to follow the route of the major motorways and large cities. That means if you’re on a long-journey to the opposite ends of the country, you can connect to the Internet and be ‘connected’ more often. With bundles of video messaging and pictures, you can easily send and receive many files per month, upgrade your package or add extra to your account. With people using their phones for business, this is a great way to stay connected and send large files to customers as and when they need.

Being online 24/7 means that people in the UK can always get in touch, always be available to chat or mingle with friends, and relax while watching a film online. Thanks to the increase in speed and memory of the smart-phones these days, it’s starting to match the ability of the Internet connection to that of laptops or PCs, so your phone can be just as usable as a full-size computer. The fact that Three 3g coverage in the UK is getting better and better, stronger and more available in quieter areas means more customers are joining the network. This encourages prices to be more competitive and ultimately makes the service better. If you’re looking for a new network to join, try Three.

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