samsung gear fit release date

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The wearables technology market seems to be one of the fastest growing new industry segments. There are many manufacturers that have released wearable devices. Some of these manufacturers are Nike, Fitbit, Sony and Google. On February 24th in Barcelona, Spain the new wearable device called Gear Fit was introduced by Samsung at Mobile World Congress, the largest mobile conference and exhibition in the world. Not only was the Gear Fit unveiled but it also won Best in Show.

The most common wearable devices are glasses and wristbands. Fitbit, Sony and Nike have certainly emerged as the leaders of wearable wristbands designed for fitness and health activity. One the other end of the wearables spectrum is Google paving the way with smart wearable glasses. It’s expected as the wearables market grows and expands that wristbands and glasses will just be the start of wearable devices and that we will likely see manufacturers create many different smart wearable devices beyond just glasses and wristbands.

The Gear Fit is not Samsung’s first release of a wearable device. Before this was the Galaxy Gear which is still available and more analogous to a watch. The Gear Fit is due to be released in April. The retail price has yet to be revealed. It’s a device worn on the wrist and is more comparable to a bracelet than a watch. However, Samsung is marketing the device as a smartwatch. Perhaps it’s a crossover wearable device in between wearable watches and wearable wristbands.

For fitness and health enthusiasts this new Gear Fit certainly includes the health monitoring and fitness tracking that is most desirable. The software includes a real-time fitness coach that provides advice and recommendations for working out. The sensor on the wearable device allows the fitness tracker to monitor your hear rate. Like many other wearable wristbands the Gear Fit can also track your sleep.

From a communication standpoint the Gear Fit has more features than the Fitbit or Nike FuelBand. You can pair via Bluetooth the Gear Fit with your smartphone to receive voice calls, email, alerts and SMS on the wearable wristband. You also have the ability to personalize the background display, font and some other screen features.

The unique design feature of the Gear Fit is the curved touchscreen. Curved displays are something that is expected to become more common with wearable wrist devices. Rumor is that flexible screens may be the next wave of wearable devices. 

The anticipation for Samsung Gear Fit release date is growing. This new Gear Fit wearable “smartwatch” could be the next big device to hit the street. Still, it’s not the first wearable device released by Samsung and Samsung does have a consistent track record of trial and error with mobile devices. All things considered the enhanced communication capabilities should make this new wearable device very attractive for most people. Plus it’s focus on the fitness and health activities seem to be the principal drivers motivating people to buy wearable devices. The Gear Fit should do well in the marketplace if the price is right.