O2 3g coverage mapO2 are one of the leading mobile and internet providers in the UK. They currently have some fantastic deals available, including 3 months free on all 18 month contracts. This coupled with their excellent O2 3g coverage makes them a very popular choice.

Use the O2 3G Coverage Checker to make sure your area is covered.

We’ve chosen some of our favourite O2 mobile broadband deals available currently and listed them below. You can select from Pay and Go, Pay Monthly or choose a laptop to go with your dongle.

T-mobile dongleO2 Mobile Broadband on PAYG

  • 1gb of data inc dongle for £30.64
  • 2gb of data inc dongle for £35.74
  • Just the dongle for £20.42
  • Easy top up

O2 Mobile Broadband Pay Monthly 18 Months

  • Dongle £10.20
  • 500mb for £5.11
  • 1gb for £10.21
  • 3gb for £15.32

O2 Mobile Broadband Pay Monthly 1 Month

  • 3GB of data and unlimited WIFI – includes 1GB free
  • Dongle cost – £19.99
  • Available for 30 days
  • No contract

If you don’t see anything that grabs you in our selection, check out the full range of O2 3g Mobile Broadband deals here.

O2 3g Coverage

As far as the O2 3G coverage map shows, there is a good, strong signal in many places around the UK, with very few “no service” areas. The no service areas are restricted to small areas in inland Wales, the west coast near Carlisle and most of the Highlands of Scotland and its islands. In general, this is quite good in comparison to some networks and although the data collected by Ofcom was from the 31st December 2008, it shows a good idea of what to expect if you live in rural areas.

The areas in the UK that are good for outdoor use according to the O2 3G coverage map include a large majority of Scotland’s inland areas away from major arterial roads, east Yorkshire, the Pennines and rural areas in the north east. In Northern Ireland, much of the O2 coverage is centred around Belfast, Portadown and Coleraine, with most other regions enjoying only outdoor usage of 3G broadband Internet.

The areas in the UK that have good indoor and outdoor signal strength are mostly contained around large towns and cities, major motorways and in total are generally in the south of England. There are pockets of “outdoor only” areas on the fringes of the major cities and towns, such as inland from Southampton, west of Ipswich, on the eastern boarder of Wales, and inland from the major Scottish cities of Inverness, Aberdeen, Dunfermline, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Remember, when looking at the O2 3G coverage map, it’s important to check the areas you frequent, if you’re looking for a new network to buy your mobile phone contract with. If you live in Exeter but travel to the countryside often then you won’t have any reception. However, if you live within London and work there, you will have exceptional signal strength. The same goes for all of Manchester and Liverpool, Sunderland and Chelmsford. As soon as you start to stray away from the motorways and A-roads, you’ll notice the signal strength worsens and there is no service in particularly hilly parts of England, Scotland and Wales.

If you’re looking for the areas of O2 coverage, the you will notice that where there are the most populated areas, the signal will generally be very good as the demand is there, but when travelling through quieter areas, such as the minor roads of East Anglia, Wales and the north, you’ll notice that the signal strength is only really good when you’re outside.

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