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Your source for info on the best 3g coverage and mobile phone coverage in your area of the uk. If you’re wondering how to check that the mobile phone or mobile broadband package you choose will have sufficient 3g coverage, you have come to the right place!

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With our help you can find and use the 3g coverage maps for ThreeVodafoneOrangeO2 and T-Mobile. Also provided, are a selection of the best mobile broadband deals available at the moment. We’ve gathered 3g details from all the major uk mobile phone and mobile broadband providers to make your choice easier. Enter your postcode in the 3g coverage checker for each network. The results will tell you how likely you are to be able to make phone calls or have 3g network coverage, without any disruption. Each checker is slightly different, so make sure you read the instructions so you know how to interpret the results. This will make sure you are making the right choice for 3g network coverage where you live or, in the case of mobile broadband, where you plan to be!

As some people find mobile broadband or using a USB dongle for their internet connection either restrictive or a little slow, it’s a good idea to check out the 3G network coverage in your area before you make any purchases. The beauty about 3G is that it allows those with laptops and mobile phones to connect to the Internet at a higher speed than regular connections. This means that downloads are faster, streaming is more easily done and surfing the Internet is made more convenient as there is no long-waiting times for web-pages to load up.

As we all need the internet right there and then, when you want, the 3G coverage of the UK is therefore a much-needed aspect to know. If you can connect to the internet while you’re on the bus or out with friends, then your life will be made just that little bit easier. It also means people are very rarely out of contact or communication, which is vital these days, particularly in business.

In most cases, you can simply go on the providers’ website and punch in your post code. It’ll then show you exactly where and how good the signal strength is. Normally, the topography of the land will affect the quality of the signal. If you’re in a valley in Wales or the Highlands of Scotland, the signal will be poor as well as demand. Major city centres that don’t have too many tall buildings and are near to major infrastructure will have the best signal strength. What also affects the connection quality is the specification of the package you want, the network’s capacity and the network traffic. At peak times, expect the connection to be slower and lag a little.

Always look at the types of provider before choosing a 3G network. Vodafone, O2, Orange and Three (3) are the main ones. Check to see if your area has a good connection to the 3G network, before making any commitment. Also, you’ll notice that some areas in your home are better than others for signal strength and speeds. If your home has thick walls or is covered by trees, then it will affect the capability. However, you can buy a 3G antenna to fit on your home for an added signal boost or in some cases, you can fit a dongle and connect to the 3G connection, which can help it.

Just as with any Internet connection and/or provider, there are ups and downs with the service. Technology still has a long way to go before everything is perfect but even then, we’ll no doubt find some bug-bear. For now though, the 3G network and 3G coverage is good and getting better. As long as you choose the right provider that can achieve the connection speeds that are advertised and you try and make the signal strength as good as you can get for your area, then you should be able to have a good Internet connection at all times of day. Whether you’re in London, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow or Birmingham.

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